MY FIRST POST REVISITED: Advocacy is needed for all things in life.

Wow. I just took a look back to February 2, 2011 – the very first post that happened right here.

What’s weird is that my quote of the day outside of my cubicle is from Henry David Thoreau:

photo (8)Have you ever looked back at where you started and thought about how things may have changed?

When you look back can you see certain traits and/or beliefs that have stayed rooted in everything you’ve done?

It’s kind of cool to see.  Sometimes in this crazy, busy world that has gotten even more cluttered since 2011, we get busy and keep our heads down to the grindstone that it feels as if we are just going through the motions.

This is one reason why I recommend laying out a personal mission statement or outlining your personal brand.  The professional world has changed a lot.

  • Everyone is always connected.
  • There is less FACE-TO-FACE interaction.

But some things have not changed.

  • You will be held accountable for all actions (online and off)
  • Results, results, results.

If you set yourself a core foundation of what you want to accomplish, then that can be your navigational beacon throughout your career.  My very first post was about advocating for my city of Indianapolis.  In the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to meet a multitude of great people trying to do the same.

Back to the quote above. It is good to look back every now and again to make sure you are pointed in the right direction.

How have you set a core foundation? What has worked for you? I love hearing new ideas on personal branding. Share them below!


Happy Movember

Movember is here again! The time to raise awareness for Men’s Health. (Not the magazine)

Take time to talk to fellow fellas about the importance of checking yourself, going to the doctor, and paying attention to health.

It is really hard to take the time to do this. Don’t get me wrong. I always tell people, “Oh if I feel something coming on I just decide NOT to be sick.” Which is easy to say for the common cold, but men’s health incorporates much more. Take time to think about YOU, my fellow fellows.

I’ll keep this quick because…


How do you feel about Summer being Over?

Summer is over. I think most of us are realizing that, except for the few IUPUI students who will probably where t-shirts and shorts until that start of December. There’s always those few students, right?

I’m a big fan of Fall, especially in our great city.  The Colts get into the thick of the AFC South race, it is closer to my birthday, it gets into giving season for the great organizations in town, and the landscape is gorgeous when the leaves begin to change.

One other thing… … … the Heartland Film Festival!

This 10 day event brings the art of film to the Midwest unlike any other event.  Make sure to check out the schedule here.

Heartland Film Fest

I have been the past 2 years, and I am looking forward to finding a time to escape the real world for a minute and get lost in a movie.  This year, Indy will play host to Vanessa Hudgens and the premiere of Gimme Shelter. I don’t know much about the film, but I’m sure it will be a hit.

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures puts on this Film Festival every year in Indianapolis, and if you are in town, you need to experience at least one.  I suggest browsing the list right now.  The festival starts Thursday, Oct. 17 and will last until the 26th.  Plenty of time to partake in one of our city’s best events.

What film do you plan on seeing? Share below. I’d love suggestions.

How to think and ACT like Martin Luther King, Jr.

So this post is a few days later than MLK Day, but I’m glad I waited a bit.  I may have done one of three things if I posted on the day after:

  1. Chosen a popular MLK quote and had the be my blog theme.
  2. Wrote out MY dreams.
  3. Come up with a quick post to hopefully ride the #MLKday hashtag

In reflecting on what Martin Luther King meant as an EXAMPLE for people to live by, I landed on one of my goals for 2013.  And you can split it up into how Dr. King thought and acted.

How did MLK think?



How did MLK act?


Oftentimes those of us who want to make a GLOBAL impact get overwhelmed in thinking HOW BIG the problem really is at a worldwide (or even national) level.  DON’T SHY AWAY FROM THIS.  Keep thinking globally.  The hook here is what is your NEXT thought.

ACT LOCALLY.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a nationwide civil rights leader, and there is no doubt about that.  But, how many NATIONWIDE sit-in’s, marches, or protests did he plan himself?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this question, but I’m guessing none. No one can organize a country wide event by themselves.  They can spread the idea, but one man can only act locally.

Social media gives us the chance to spread our ideas worldwide even quicker, but our next step still needs to be – How can I carry this out in my own community?

What are some examples of nationwide movements that took many small community events to make the change? Share them below!

Forgive Yourself at Night. Recommit in the Morning.

How many times do we hang onto what happened yesterday, and it affects how our TODAY goes?

I am in no way affiliated with Teach For America, but I have had a few friends go through it.  I was more blown away by the quote Tamara uses in this short video.  Sometimes we all need some inspiration, and Teach for America teachers are a prime example of having to inspire themselves each and everyday.

So glad that I stumbled upon this…

What quote, story, or person inspires you whenever you hear it or seem them?

Does your NEW YEAR really bring you *new* goals?

Mine doesn’t really.  My new year really just brings me back to focus on goals that I may have strayed away from in the past year.  Things that I may have really, really wanted to do and just forgot about.  Or things that I wanted to get better at and just didn’t make the effort to.

It happens.

This year, realistically, it will probably happen again.  But the first step to any goal is writing it down right?  Here are 3 goals of mine, and maybe they will spring board you to a good idea or if you read one of my goals and have any advice, then let me know because I need all of the help I can get.

    1. Use my gadgets regularly
      Kit Cam Picture
      I got really lucky and got a gadget for Christmas that I wanted – a GoPano 360 degree video camera.  I have to shout out Colts Fan Casey for giving me the heads up because the Indianapolis Colts do an AWESOME job with this camera.  Check it out.Another gadget… that really is an app… that I want to use regularly is called KitCam.  Check out the features here.  It has a ton of different lenses and filters, but the feature I’m most excited to use is the Time Lapse video.

      Stay tuned.


    3. Keep making new contacts and stay in touch with old ones
      This is a goal of mine that I constantly have to remind myself to do.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but I get sidetracked easily and always forget to text, call, or email people back.  If you are one of these people….. my apologies.I wish I could let everyone know that if you need an answer from me, then keep poking me.  You won’t be a bother, you will just be keeping me on track.

    5. Have fun
      Last year, I was lucky enough to have a lot of fun early in the year. A member of the Social46 when the Super Bowl was here in Indy, a free conference to Vancouver courtesy of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Indiana, and the chance to be a part of the social media team for #MCON12.This is a goal that I hope everyone has.  Work can always be work, but you need to seek out those opportunities to make work a fantastic time!


    Here’s to a great year.  If you have any goals that you’d like to share… comment below!

The Year ’13.. sounds unlucky doesn’t it?

I was talking to someone the other day about excitement for the new year.  Everyone gets excited right??  But I’ve already seen a few Facebook statuses and tweets go out that say they aren’t really ready or excited for the upcoming year.

It must be something about the number 13.

For some… the number 13 is embraced.  Maybe they are an odd ball or wore number 13 in athletics.  For most… the number 13 is unlucky.  So 2013 may have an eery feeling for most huh?

It definitely has crossed my mind.

My response……. MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!

This guy certainly has. (photo credit on photo)
This guy certainly has. (photo credit to Matt Bowen of the Colts)

Something I heard my freshman year of high school has never left me…

Luck comes from hard work and opportunity.

That is the mantra for my 2013 and below is my anthem for 2013 (thanks to Wiz Khalifa).

Yes. I successfully included both Andrew Luck and Wiz Khalifa in my first blog of 2013.  This year has already started off great!

What is your mantra and anthem for 2013?
How are you going to battle the unlucky number ’13?
Let me know, and we can keep each other on track.

Mastering the Thank You Video

Social Media Manager’s at non-profit’s have it hard sometimes.  So many have to wear different hats, but their passion lies in creating an online community where the opportunity to give is great and the willingness of those in the online community to give is bursting.

At any time, an online campaign can turn into something fantastic.

You can have an awareness campaign that you drew up that turns out to get you an unreal amount of Twitter mentions and retweets.  Or you could be running a Facebook campaign with a for-profit that ends up getting more likes and shares than you have ever seen before.  But what happens after those campaigns?

How many of you have a quick thank you video for people who have given to your organization?  I love this video from No Kid Hungry.  It gets straight to the point of thanking the donor.  However, I think they had one hiccup, and I can’t blame the person in charge because the need to thank people is great.

Their hiccup was this:

– Thank you No Kid volunteers!
– Thank you for being a kid who cars about childhood hunger!
– Thank you Walmart!
– Thank you No Kid hungry program partners!

I am not going to bash No Kid Hungry.  They are a fantastic organization, doing real work to help feed the hungry, and I often look to see what they are doing in the social media world as guidance.  But I think leaving all of these videos public was a mistake.  Not many donors would probably take the time to watch a video that wasn’t directed to them, but what if a few did?

That single video they received then loses all of its personalized value because they’ve now seen that you’ve rinsed, reused, and recycled to 4 other groups.

It’s great content, and I definitely don’t blame them for reusing it.  If these videos were kept unlisted and sent to these groups via email, then it would be much more personable and have the same effect if not a greater effect.

I searched for another non-profit’s Thank You videos.  The first organization that came to mind…. the American Red Cross.  Check out these Thank You’s they put together from Hurricane Sandy Victims and volunteers.  Powerful stuff.

As a social media manager for a non-profit, I’m jealous of American Red Cross.  Their social media presence is unreal.  But there is no reason that any nonprofit CAN’T scale what they do down to size.

What can No Kid Hungry learn from
the American Red Cross?

One thing.  Instead of reusing the initial “Thank you, thank you, thank you” part at the start of each video.  Make the quick personalization part for the volunteers, for Walmart, and for the kids it’s very own video.

We’re all learning.  It’s Holiday season, and every nonprofit is receiving a lot of year end donations.  Thank you videos can be super helpful, super personal, and make that donor feel as if you took a TON of time just to make that video for them.  But the key is keep that message personal.

What do you think?
Do you have good examples of thank you videos from a non-profit?
Do you have ideas to help us get better in this area?
Comment below or yell at me on Twitter @Willie_Matis.

Voting is Selfish but that’s okay


It’s here.  It’s ready for us.  Now it’s time to do it.

You may have already voted.  If you have… *APPLAUSE*.  If you have not, do it.  Do it for yourself and yourself only.

Everyone thinks that you have to have all of the answers when you step into the polling booth.  Really the only  you have to answer is, “Who do I think will do the best job to serve MY needs?”

Willie… that is just downright selfish.

flickr photo by wonderferret

It is! But today is the one day where it is good to be selfish.  We all have passions, needs, and desires for our country.  But the reason why you should be okay with being selfish today is because your voice becomes that much stronger after you vote.  Everyone is so excited after they vote.  Not because of WHO they voted for, or why they voted for them, but think about it, you feel good because you had a sense of power when you submitted that poll.

That’s democracy.  A country ran BY THE PEOPLE.  And after you vote, your voice becomes so powerful, that you can call any elected official at any time and say, “Hey, I am an active consituent of yours, and I want you to _______.” Fill in the blank.

Fill in the blank.

You may not be able to change the world with your one vote.  It may not even change who the president is.  But you will a more powerful voice to affect change as a VOTING constituent than a non-voting one.

Thoughts? Do you think voting is selfish?
Why or why not?

DISASTER RELIEF: How you can help

Waking up, I thought I was going to reblog my post that luckily was picked up by the Huffington Post.  But after trying to go to and seeing that their site was down because of Sandy, it struck that there are much more important things going on.

Hurricane Sandy took OVER last night…

photo from New York Times article
The devastation on the Jersey Shore is some of the worst we've ever seen. #Sandy
Governor Christie
6,535,896: That's the number of customers without power across 13 states and Washington D.C.#Sandy
CNN Breaking News
Stay in touch with loved ones during #Sandy. Register with #RedCross Safe & Well to share your status during disaster.
Red Cross NCR


It’s hard to get out and help during a natural disaster, especially for those who are far away.  But, the Red Cross makes it easy to give to help with DISASTER Relief.

CLICK HERE – to donate to the disaster relief cause on their website. 

Another way to help if you are on the East Coast (or from the East Coast) is by donating to a local Red Cross Chapter.
– In the upper right hand corner, you can change the location.
– Change this to a neighborhood on the East Coast you’d like to help.
Click ‘Donate Now’ under Your Local Red Cross Chapter on the Give Page.