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How do you inspire yourself?

How do you inspire yourself?

How do you find something to write about when you don’t really know what to write about? For me… my go-to is to head over to Google and search “inspiring story”. And today, that worked perfectly. Reader’s Digest actually has a section on their website titled Inspiring Stories. In it, I found an article titled ’12 […]

What does leadership look like to you...

Prince John Cartoon

I was a bit disappointed by Webster’s definition of Leadership – a position as a leader of a group, organization, etc.; the time when a person holds a position of a leader; the power or ability to lead other people. At least that third iteration was getting closer, but I was always taught not to use […]

One Shimmer of Light in the Storm tag...

One Shimmer of Light in the Storm tagged #BaltimoreRiots

This is not my take on who is right or wrong. Nor is it my take on what the right thing to do is in this situation. Simply an observance on the power of social media in relation to this tragic event. One shimmer of light. If I had to look for one through the […]

#FeelGoodFriday: The Power of Choice

The remarkable thing is, we have a

I have the privilege of observing people make choices each and every day. Whether or not they are going to donate on a particular day. Whether or not they are going to have my cousin, Mic, and I DJ their wedding. Whether or not someone will give a retweet to any of the posts I […]

If you could ask a stranger one quest...

If you could ask a stranger one question… what would it be?

So I have this card game on my desk… What, How, Where. Pick a what, pick a how, and pick a where. Hoping this would spark some thought, I played this morning, and here is what I received. Thought it may be difficult to write a blog about this as I may come out sounding […]



I’m taking a keyword from Steven Shattuck’s blog post about #GivingTuesday… but I changed it a bit from #ThankINGThursday to #ThankfulThursday, so that makes it okay, right? He brought great insight about one thing that fundraisers simply do not do well right now… retain donors. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying ALL fundraisers are bad […]

Ray Allen Teaches Us A Lesson

Ray Allen Teaches Us A Lesson

Athletes and celebrities hold a certain amount if power or carry a certain amount of Klout if you will in the online space. They attract so much attention that whenever they post, they will immediately get blasted by haters or retweeted like crazy by fans. So whenever a celebrity uses social media to educate, I […]


MY FIRST POST REVISITED: Advocacy is needed for all things in life.

Wow. I just took a look back to February 2, 2011 – the very first post that happened right here. What’s weird is that my quote of the day outside of my cubicle is from Henry David Thoreau: Have you ever looked back at where you started and thought about how things may have changed? […]

Listening and Failing Fast

Listening and Failing Fast

Last week was a fantastic week at Lake Cumberland. Wake up, go fishing, eat breakfast, do absolutely nothing, watch Dig ski, hang in the water, drink a Miller, and fall asleep at 10pm.  Absolutely fantastic.  A vacation was much needed. I would suggest this for anyone, and my suggestion extends to… TAKE AN ACTUAL VACATION. […]

Do you have a personal mission statem...

Do you have a personal mission statement?

Well, do ya punk? I’m fairly certain that Clint Eastwood has one.  And, I’ve seen a few others online talking about their personal statements.  The other day while skimming the Twitterverse, I saw Sara Croft post about this. Naturally it turned to tweets back and forths and then into emails back and forth. The one […]