How do you inspire yourself?

How do you find something to write about when you don’t really know what to write about?

For me… my go-to is to head over to Google and search “inspiring story”. And today, that worked perfectly. Reader’s Digest actually has a section on their website titled Inspiring Stories. In it, I found an article titled ’12 Short, Sweet Stories about Moms (That Will Make You Want To Call Yours)’.

It was awesome. And made me think… could I write a story about anything in 100 words or less? Let alone fitting in words of wisdom from my mom… but here we go.

Well… Are you?

There is one piece of advice I will always carry from my mother – how not to worry about other’s opinions of you. Kids are called many things while growing up – loser, dummy, L7 weenie. Whenever my brothers or I would do the typical thing… run to mom, whine, say “Johnny called me a loser!”, and hope Mom would build us back up. She had one reaction for that… “Well… Are you?” Three words. You’d realize the other person’s opinion doesn’t matter. All that matters is what you think of yourself.

There we go – 92 words – and I feel inspired.

What inspires you?