If you could ask a stranger one question… what would it be?

So I have this card game on my desk… What, How, Where. Pick a what, pick a how, and pick a where. Hoping this would spark some thought, I played this morning, and here is what I received.

image1Thought it may be difficult to write a blog about this as I may come out sounding a bit more like Ralph Waldo Emerson than someone who likes to share thoughts on online marketing. So, I dove into the ASK category of these cards.

If you could ask a stranger one question…
what would it be?

One question… that’s all you got! I started to do the typical run through of conditions – “well it depends on the person”, “It’d probably depend on where we were”, or “when am I asking this question?”

But holding myself accountable and wanting to stretch my mind AS WELL as start a discussion with you all… the question would be a standard question across the board that can be used at anytime.

My answer: If you knew that you couldn’t fail at the next thing you attempted… what would you do?

There you have it folks. I’d like to know what YOUR answer to the “If you could ask a stranger one question… what would it be?” Leave them in the comments section below!



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