Do you have a personal mission statement?

Well, do ya punk?

I’m fairly certain that Clint Eastwood has one.  And, I’ve seen a few others online talking about their personal statements.  The other day while skimming the Twitterverse, I saw Sara Croft post about this. Naturally it turned to tweets back and forths and then into emails back and forth.

The one thing we were both trying to work through is narrowing it down.  When you are passionate about many things and enjoy helping others’ endeavors, it is hard to narrow down a personal mission statement.

I’m actually still working on mine, but here is what I have so far…

Fostering open, collaborative conversations on how to make a sustainable impact on your community.

But I am always working on it.  What about you?  Do you have a personal statement?  Are you looking for one?  Comment below! Or tweet me.  I would love to continue this conversation!