How do you feel about Summer being Over?

Summer is over. I think most of us are realizing that, except for the few IUPUI students who will probably where t-shirts and shorts until that start of December. There’s always those few students, right?

I’m a big fan of Fall, especially in our great city.  The Colts get into the thick of the AFC South race, it is closer to my birthday, it gets into giving season for the great organizations in town, and the landscape is gorgeous when the leaves begin to change.

One other thing… … … the Heartland Film Festival!

This 10 day event brings the art of film to the Midwest unlike any other event.  Make sure to check out the schedule here.

Heartland Film Fest

I have been the past 2 years, and I am looking forward to finding a time to escape the real world for a minute and get lost in a movie.  This year, Indy will play host to Vanessa Hudgens and the premiere of Gimme Shelter. I don’t know much about the film, but I’m sure it will be a hit.

Heartland Truly Moving Pictures puts on this Film Festival every year in Indianapolis, and if you are in town, you need to experience at least one.  I suggest browsing the list right now.  The festival starts Thursday, Oct. 17 and will last until the 26th.  Plenty of time to partake in one of our city’s best events.

What film do you plan on seeing? Share below. I’d love suggestions.