A Fireside Chat that is a REAL story. Thanks Rachael Chong.

If you don’t know what Catchafire is about – check it out. Great company!

“How come the world is so unfair?” – an 8 year old Rachael Chong

She purposefully went into Investment Banking to learn about the market and how to swing the market into social good.

Traditional volunteering like a group of 200 people building for Habitat for Humanity was frustrating for Rachael.  She thought that her 5’2″, 100 pound frame was not best used by spending time hammering.

Pro-bono work helped to build capacity for the first nonprofit that Rachael worked for after quitting investment banking.  This is where the CLICK occurred for Rachael.

Catchafire was birthed in order to encourage pro-bono work.

This fireside chat between Rachael and Nadira made a HUGE IMPACT on me.  Although the story may not be the most riveting, I want you to think of this.

Everything happens for a reason.

You can learn from EVERY experience.

Take this quote from Rachael late in the talk – “Millennials. We don’t grow up wanting to work for a CERTAIN company.”

Follow your goals, but be open to taking jobs that may be out of the ordinary to get you there.  Be open minded, be passionate, and be READY to take a roundabout way in order to achieve your goals.

Not every one of us can put together a Kickstarter page tomorrow and raise $4million by Monday.  Not every one of us can put together a YouTube video and birth a nonprofit the next week.  You will be able to make your impact if you are grateful for each and every experience that happens to you in life.

Have you ever felt like your goals will never be reached?
How were you able to overcome that roadblock in your mind?
Comment below or tweet at me – @Willie_Matis.

Mike Del Ponte from SOMA

“I went cold and heard a voice – you are now the man of the house.  You have to take care of your mom and sister.  That’s your job” – Mike Del Ponte after his father passed away at the age of 12.

What brings you joy?

What are you best at?

What does the world need?

Three questions to help find your calling.  Thanks to the professor at Boston University who told Mike Del Ponte this.  There isn’t much more you need from a speech than this.

Calling requires – clarity, courage, and community.

Check out SOMA’s Kickstarter page here!

3 Goals of #MCON13 – IT’S TODAY!

Sitting in the Media Work Room right now listening to the buildup of #MCON13, I can feel the buzz.  It has sparked 3 goals for me.

1. Connect

Connect with many people and connect in an engaging way.  This is more than a time to network.  Everyone here is interested in the same thing.  How to better engage with the millennial generation.  If you are online or at a viewing party, make sure to CONNECT! You can follow all of those using the #MCON13 hashtag on Twitter.  They are SUPER engaged.

2. Learn

Working in Communications in the nonprofit sector, this conference hits the nail on the head for what I do DURING THE DAY! Taking time to act like a sponge during all of the talks.


Sharing information with all and sharing information with YOU! I will be posting blogs all day on here and htp://themillennialchat.com.  Make sure to check those out, and feel free to tweet me questions you want me to ask of the speakers @Willie_Matis or @MillennialChat.


My 3 Favorite Nonprofits

The thing I am most excited about when I think about #MCON13 next Thursday is the fact that everyone is gathering around to talk about how millennials engage within the NONPROFIT SECTOR.  I like talking about the millennial generation, and I like talking about nonprofits.  So, I have to like talking about both at the same time right??

Well, I want YOU to be able to join me by getting a FREE VIP ONLINE REGISTRATION. My Instagram challenge kinda fell flat on it’s face. Oops.  Before I get to telling you how you can win  FREE registration from me, let me tell you about my 3 favorite nonprofits.

1. Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana

Why would my employer not be number one? I’m not doing this just because I’m paid to promote this organization.  The largest food bank in Indiana spans 21 counties across central and southeastern Indiana.  Over 350 agencies receive food from Gleaners and in turn serve the hungry in my home state.  I am so glad to be part of an organization that has such a large footprint and is EFFECTIVELY making an impact.

2. Easter Seals Crossroads

I got involved with this organization about a year ago.  Helped get a start to their YP group.  This group may be on a bit of a hiatus, but the reason I love this organization is because they don’t just focus on direct service to improve lives of children and adults with special needs, disabilities, or challenges, but they have a focus on advocacy within the community. Not to mention they do a FANTASTIC job on their Facebook page.

3. American Red Cross

I had to pick a national organization, too. Think globally, act locally, right?  The reason why I love the Red Cross is because they are WELL-EQUIPPED to respond immediately to all crises that may happen in our nation.  The way they have embraced social media in order to help others and connect victims with their loved ones is absolutely amazing.

Alright… what are your CHARITIES OF CHOICE? Tweet them using #charityofchoice #mcon13.  I will pick two random people who use these hashtags together to win  FREE VIP ONLINE REGISTRATION.

Get tweeting! I’ll announce them at 4:30pm EST so that you have a week to prepare for the conference next week!

A Week and a Half til A Lot of Fun

Only a week and a half until #MCON13.  Last week, I talked about how stoked I was about attending IN-PERSON in the great city of Indianapolis.  Of course I’m biased, I’m from the southside of Indianapolis, and The Alexander is technically in the southern half of the city.

It’s going to be a fantastic time with wonderful speakers, great information shared, and many, many wonderful attendees to get to know.

photo (5)

I just have one quick think that I’d like to ask all of you…


I enjoy sitting and listening to others who have greater experience and expertise than myself… which honestly is most people… I’m willing to ask our speakers, our attendees and others anything.  What are some questions you’d like to know from this year’s lineup?

Click here to see the speakers.

#MCON13 Excitement – It’s THIS MONTH

One of my favorite days out of every year is coming up THIS MONTH! In year’s past it has been held entirely online, but this year, it will be held in THE BEST CITY IN AMERICA – Indianapolis. Hey we are all entitled to our opinions right?

MCON13: Mobilize the Millennial Generation

1 Day – July 18th, 2013. 15 speakers.

Sure it is being held in Indianapolis, but you are STILL able to join in online.  You will still be able to view presentations online, and you should check out the speaker list – this is a CAN’T MISS lineup.

If you want the networking experience of GOING to the conference in person, but you still can’t make it to Indy, then check out the listing of VIEWING PARTY locations.  You can also apply to host your own Viewing Party. 

But now here is my personal favorite
part of MCON13.


Being a part of the Official Blogger Team for the event, I get to invite a couple people to join in on the experience. So from TODAY until Friday, July12th, by participating in the contest below, you can win a FREE VIP ONLINE REGISTRATION to MCON13.


1. Use Instagram.
2. Snap a picture or video of your #CharityOfChoice.
3. Make it creative.
4. Submit it by tagging myself – @Willie_Matis – in the caption of the Instagram picture as well as using the #MCON13 & #CharityOfChoice hashtags.


One winner will be chosen at RANDOM. 
So just by submitting, you have a chance to win.

The other winner will be determined by voting on Thursday, June 11th.  I will post the 3 MOST CREATIVE pictures on my Facebook page, and whichever picture receives the most likes will be the winner of the 2nd free registration to MCON13.

Winners receive the FREE REGISTRATION for a VIP Online registration, this contest is not for an in person registration.

Any questions on the contest? Please put them in the comments section below!