Improve Your Neighborhood by Midnight Tonight

A few clicks of a button could be fresh, safe food to hungry children in you community.  Or, if you like, you could show your support for a new kid safe park down the street.

$25k for 40 projects

The State Farm Neighborhood Assist Program is a micro-grant program funded by State Farm that will give $25,000 grants to 40 different community causes across the nation. The program encourages individuals and community groups to highlight needs in their community via Facebook. Once the 3,000 submission cap was met, State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board selected 200 finalists. Those 200 finalists are now posted on Facebook and the public can currently vote for their favorite up until next Monday, April 22. Then on April 29, the top 40 will be announced and each of those causes will receive $25K to support its local mission.

10 votes per person

I really like this approach of having 10 votes per day.  You are able to spread your love to different projects that you’d like to be successful. Or you could go ALL IN for the organization that is nearest your passion.


Take a look at projects up to vote! You have until midnight tonight to use your 10 votes.  Don’t forget to tell you friends about the project either.

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What project would you propose to help your community?

Lessons learned from Boston

Before writing anything else, thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, participants, first responders, and all involved with the tragedy that happened yesterday at the Boston Marathon.  A time at the event that should have been pure joy for so many was disrupted and turned into what may be one of the worst memories they will have.  I can’t imagine the emotions running through many who may be directly connected.

First lesson that can be learned for people here in Indianapolis, a city that is about to embark on what most consider the best month in town…

Complaining about getting your person checked, your cooler checked, your purse checked, or not being able to bring an item into an event should be at an all-time low.  Getting checked before entering simply adds 2 minutes to the wait you may have to get in.  That 2 minutes could be the difference.

Second lesson – texting is more likely to get through when reaching a loved one who may be at an event or in a place where tragedy has struck.  If you are at an event where tragedy occurs, send a text to a close friend asking them to post a screenshot of your text onto Facebook & Twitter to help spread the word that you are okay.


Third lesson – following the events of a tragedy on Twitter or Facebook can be stressful but have faith in news stations social media outlets.  They have learned a great deal from recent events NOT to retweet or report information that isn’t backed up with fact. We CAN NOT jump to conclusions online and start pushing out hateful messaging. It clutters up the facts and causes unnecessary tension.  Have a reporter’s mindset and make sure your facts are based off of reliable resources.

It will take time for the dust to settle in Boston, but as a nation there is much to learn from this.  There is no doubt we need to #PrayforBoston, but don’t forget to #prayforthetroops everyday, don’t forget to #prayforvictims of tragedies that happen all around the globe everyday, and don’t forget to #prayforyourself to stay level headed and not jump to conclusions when things like this happen.  We are growing stronger as a nation everyday, and I can’t thank the first responders enough.