The End of National Mentoring Month?

There are an OUTRAGEOUS amount of “National _____ Months”.  It seems like you can present any idea and turn it into a NATIONAL day or month.  So sometimes it is hard to choose one to write about, endorse, etc.

But one month that EVERYONE can relate to was celebrated during the month of January…

National Mentoring Month.


Mentors come in all shapes and sizes.  All different walks of life.  Some people may be your mentor and not even KNOW it (thank you Twitter).

I know that I would not be here without the help of many mentors:

1) Parents (duh.. they freakin’ taught me how to walk.)

2) Every teacher (even if I didn’t like you, you taught me how to deal with it and get work done.)

3) Dr. Peter Mikek – my advisor in college. Also, I minored IN MIKEK (took 5 of his Econ classes at Wabash.)

4) Frank Hagaman. My boss at my first internship. Always there if I needed an ear.

5) All the people at the 500 Festival.  That spring internship was one of the best times of my life.

6) Nathan Hand, Jessica Journey, Abbi Achterberg, Derrick Feldmann, Kari Dunn Saratovsky – the social media mentors I had and STILL HAVE who I know will answer a tweet if needed.

7) So many others.

If you’d like to shoutout YOUR mentors on Twitter – click here.  Or shout ’em out in the comments section below! I would love to know of other great people to follow.

3 Struggles You’ll Face When You Don’t Write Often

It is almost the 2 year anniversary of me blogging from my own personal account.  I can’t tell you how weird it felt when signing up for the URL “”. Will people think I’m a nerd? Will they think I’m conceited?

Nope.  They actually were thankful because it makes it easier to remember.  But that is neither here nor there.  The reason why I bring up the fact that it is almost my 2nd blogging birthday is that I have seen weeks and months with GREAT engagement and compliments for what I’ve written, and I’ve seen months with little readership and engagement.

And here are 3 struggles I have definitely dealt with through the past 2 years:

1) Time Management

This is a struggle because oftentimes there is a lack of motivation to write in this space.  I question myself on whether I’m writing on the correct subjects, is this helping me to connect with people I need to be connected to, and why am I doing this if I am not getting paid to do it?

Why do you do it then, Willie? Simple.  It helps you to expand your skills in writing and engaging.  I can experiment using this space.  The only thing.. I need to remember this and use THIS as motivation to stick to a schedule and write often.

2) No One Reading

This struggle kind of stems from and circles back to number 1 above.  If you don’t stick to a consistent schedule, then readers may not know if they can count on getting information from you regularly and stop reading, then if you see that no one is reading, it is hard to make time to write.

How do you keep writing if no one is reading? Just do it.  If no one is reading your stuff, then read others’ blogs.  Then, reference their blogs in YOUR post.  I read a fantastic post by Douglass Karr yesterday that gave me 10 resources to track hashtag use.  I’ll shout him out later to see if I can get an RT for this post.

3) No One Responding

This has been my biggest struggle.  How do I get people to comment on my blog? Not many people comment below.  Maybe they don’t see my site as an engaging platform, or maybe they would rather just tweet with me.  I have sparked a few good debates on Twitter stemming from blog posts.

Why are you telling me about these struggles, Willie? I want you to know that maintaining social media spaces can be hard sometimes.  Just like the accountant that gets bombarded with expense reports on a Friday afternoon or the sales rep that is in a rut for new business.  You will have struggles, and the best way to get through them?

Just keep writing. Just keep writing. Just keep writing. Just keep writing.

How to think and ACT like Martin Luther King, Jr.

So this post is a few days later than MLK Day, but I’m glad I waited a bit.  I may have done one of three things if I posted on the day after:

  1. Chosen a popular MLK quote and had the be my blog theme.
  2. Wrote out MY dreams.
  3. Come up with a quick post to hopefully ride the #MLKday hashtag

In reflecting on what Martin Luther King meant as an EXAMPLE for people to live by, I landed on one of my goals for 2013.  And you can split it up into how Dr. King thought and acted.

How did MLK think?



How did MLK act?


Oftentimes those of us who want to make a GLOBAL impact get overwhelmed in thinking HOW BIG the problem really is at a worldwide (or even national) level.  DON’T SHY AWAY FROM THIS.  Keep thinking globally.  The hook here is what is your NEXT thought.

ACT LOCALLY.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a nationwide civil rights leader, and there is no doubt about that.  But, how many NATIONWIDE sit-in’s, marches, or protests did he plan himself?

I honestly don’t know the answer to this question, but I’m guessing none. No one can organize a country wide event by themselves.  They can spread the idea, but one man can only act locally.

Social media gives us the chance to spread our ideas worldwide even quicker, but our next step still needs to be – How can I carry this out in my own community?

What are some examples of nationwide movements that took many small community events to make the change? Share them below!

Forgive Yourself at Night. Recommit in the Morning.

How many times do we hang onto what happened yesterday, and it affects how our TODAY goes?

I am in no way affiliated with Teach For America, but I have had a few friends go through it.  I was more blown away by the quote Tamara uses in this short video.  Sometimes we all need some inspiration, and Teach for America teachers are a prime example of having to inspire themselves each and everyday.

So glad that I stumbled upon this…

What quote, story, or person inspires you whenever you hear it or seem them?

Giving a Tribute to Someone on Social Media

Today my mom is celebrating her birthday.  The way we are wording it?


Happy Birthday Mom

I could go into the typical son tribute for mom.  But I won’t.  I will say this though, she taught me a WHOLE lot about this world, and she is the one person that will ALWAYS be there for me or any of my four brothers.

I could keep going, but I know my mom wouldn’t want me to.  Love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!

This is simply my own opinion, and it is in no way backed by research.  However, I think the best way give tribute to someone on social media is to think about how they would like to be talked about if you were on stage with a microphone in front of a huge crowd of people you don’t know.

The second reason I wrote this post, behind wanting to shout out my mom, was to ask your opinion on when, how, and why someone should be given shout outs on social media?

Have you seen this done well?
Have you DONE this and gotten negative feedback?


What did the BCS Championship teach us about Social Media?

I put this topic on my editorial calendar hoping to talk about the story of Notre Dame.  I grew up in Catholic schools, so my tendency went with rooting AGAINST the Golden Domers, yes you read that right.  I enjoyed rooting AGAINST Notre Dame growing up because everyoneI knew rooted FOR them.  But this season was special, and it was going to end with a championship right?

Well, that story went up in flames after the first quarter.  Sorry Irish fans.

But, I can still stay on topic…..

What did #NDvsBama teach us about Social Media?

Having a presence is critical.  You never know when you will get offline press that turns to an immediate frenzy of people searching for you on their Twitter mobile app.

Exhibit #1.



Exhibit #2.


Exhibit #3.


I’m sure Google search was off the charts as well, but now Katherine Webb has major following.  It helps that she was Miss Alabama.

However, if she didn’t have Twitter, then it would end at Google Image search.  If Katherine Webb wants to, then she can use her new follower base for good, for a profit, or simply for self branding.

In this age of social media, having a presence is crucial.  You never know when offline will turn to online, and once you have a following online, you have a permanent audience who may be willing to interact with you.

I am very interested to see what Miss Alabama does from here.  Hopefully it includes some good, but if your organization, company, or self is still thinking about jumping on board into the social sphere.  Think again.

What else do you think the BCS Championship taught us about social media?
What do you think will happen to Notre Dame in the future?
Comment below!

Does your NEW YEAR really bring you *new* goals?

Mine doesn’t really.  My new year really just brings me back to focus on goals that I may have strayed away from in the past year.  Things that I may have really, really wanted to do and just forgot about.  Or things that I wanted to get better at and just didn’t make the effort to.

It happens.

This year, realistically, it will probably happen again.  But the first step to any goal is writing it down right?  Here are 3 goals of mine, and maybe they will spring board you to a good idea or if you read one of my goals and have any advice, then let me know because I need all of the help I can get.

    1. Use my gadgets regularly
      Kit Cam Picture
      I got really lucky and got a gadget for Christmas that I wanted – a GoPano 360 degree video camera.  I have to shout out Colts Fan Casey for giving me the heads up because the Indianapolis Colts do an AWESOME job with this camera.  Check it out.Another gadget… that really is an app… that I want to use regularly is called KitCam.  Check out the features here.  It has a ton of different lenses and filters, but the feature I’m most excited to use is the Time Lapse video.

      Stay tuned.


    3. Keep making new contacts and stay in touch with old ones
      This is a goal of mine that I constantly have to remind myself to do.  It shouldn’t be too hard, but I get sidetracked easily and always forget to text, call, or email people back.  If you are one of these people….. my apologies.I wish I could let everyone know that if you need an answer from me, then keep poking me.  You won’t be a bother, you will just be keeping me on track.

    5. Have fun
      Last year, I was lucky enough to have a lot of fun early in the year. A member of the Social46 when the Super Bowl was here in Indy, a free conference to Vancouver courtesy of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Indiana, and the chance to be a part of the social media team for #MCON12.This is a goal that I hope everyone has.  Work can always be work, but you need to seek out those opportunities to make work a fantastic time!


    Here’s to a great year.  If you have any goals that you’d like to share… comment below!

The Year ’13.. sounds unlucky doesn’t it?

I was talking to someone the other day about excitement for the new year.  Everyone gets excited right??  But I’ve already seen a few Facebook statuses and tweets go out that say they aren’t really ready or excited for the upcoming year.

It must be something about the number 13.

For some… the number 13 is embraced.  Maybe they are an odd ball or wore number 13 in athletics.  For most… the number 13 is unlucky.  So 2013 may have an eery feeling for most huh?

It definitely has crossed my mind.

My response……. MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK!

This guy certainly has. (photo credit on photo)
This guy certainly has. (photo credit to Matt Bowen of the Colts)

Something I heard my freshman year of high school has never left me…

Luck comes from hard work and opportunity.

That is the mantra for my 2013 and below is my anthem for 2013 (thanks to Wiz Khalifa).

Yes. I successfully included both Andrew Luck and Wiz Khalifa in my first blog of 2013.  This year has already started off great!

What is your mantra and anthem for 2013?
How are you going to battle the unlucky number ’13?
Let me know, and we can keep each other on track.