Mastering the Thank You Video

Social Media Manager’s at non-profit’s have it hard sometimes.  So many have to wear different hats, but their passion lies in creating an online community where the opportunity to give is great and the willingness of those in the online community to give is bursting.

At any time, an online campaign can turn into something fantastic.

You can have an awareness campaign that you drew up that turns out to get you an unreal amount of Twitter mentions and retweets.  Or you could be running a Facebook campaign with a for-profit that ends up getting more likes and shares than you have ever seen before.  But what happens after those campaigns?

How many of you have a quick thank you video for people who have given to your organization?  I love this video from No Kid Hungry.  It gets straight to the point of thanking the donor.  However, I think they had one hiccup, and I can’t blame the person in charge because the need to thank people is great.

Their hiccup was this:

– Thank you No Kid volunteers!
– Thank you for being a kid who cars about childhood hunger!
– Thank you Walmart!
– Thank you No Kid hungry program partners!

I am not going to bash No Kid Hungry.  They are a fantastic organization, doing real work to help feed the hungry, and I often look to see what they are doing in the social media world as guidance.  But I think leaving all of these videos public was a mistake.  Not many donors would probably take the time to watch a video that wasn’t directed to them, but what if a few did?

That single video they received then loses all of its personalized value because they’ve now seen that you’ve rinsed, reused, and recycled to 4 other groups.

It’s great content, and I definitely don’t blame them for reusing it.  If these videos were kept unlisted and sent to these groups via email, then it would be much more personable and have the same effect if not a greater effect.

I searched for another non-profit’s Thank You videos.  The first organization that came to mind…. the American Red Cross.  Check out these Thank You’s they put together from Hurricane Sandy Victims and volunteers.  Powerful stuff.

As a social media manager for a non-profit, I’m jealous of American Red Cross.  Their social media presence is unreal.  But there is no reason that any nonprofit CAN’T scale what they do down to size.

What can No Kid Hungry learn from
the American Red Cross?

One thing.  Instead of reusing the initial “Thank you, thank you, thank you” part at the start of each video.  Make the quick personalization part for the volunteers, for Walmart, and for the kids it’s very own video.

We’re all learning.  It’s Holiday season, and every nonprofit is receiving a lot of year end donations.  Thank you videos can be super helpful, super personal, and make that donor feel as if you took a TON of time just to make that video for them.  But the key is keep that message personal.

What do you think?
Do you have good examples of thank you videos from a non-profit?
Do you have ideas to help us get better in this area?
Comment below or yell at me on Twitter @Willie_Matis.