Voting is Selfish but that’s okay


It’s here.  It’s ready for us.  Now it’s time to do it.

You may have already voted.  If you have… *APPLAUSE*.  If you have not, do it.  Do it for yourself and yourself only.

Everyone thinks that you have to have all of the answers when you step into the polling booth.  Really the only  you have to answer is, “Who do I think will do the best job to serve MY needs?”

Willie… that is just downright selfish.

flickr photo by wonderferret

It is! But today is the one day where it is good to be selfish.  We all have passions, needs, and desires for our country.  But the reason why you should be okay with being selfish today is because your voice becomes that much stronger after you vote.  Everyone is so excited after they vote.  Not because of WHO they voted for, or why they voted for them, but think about it, you feel good because you had a sense of power when you submitted that poll.

That’s democracy.  A country ran BY THE PEOPLE.  And after you vote, your voice becomes so powerful, that you can call any elected official at any time and say, “Hey, I am an active consituent of yours, and I want you to _______.” Fill in the blank.

Fill in the blank.

You may not be able to change the world with your one vote.  It may not even change who the president is.  But you will a more powerful voice to affect change as a VOTING constituent than a non-voting one.

Thoughts? Do you think voting is selfish?
Why or why not?