DISASTER RELIEF: How you can help

Waking up, I thought I was going to reblog my post that luckily was picked up by the Huffington Post.  But after trying to go to huffingtonpost.com and seeing that their site was down because of Sandy, it struck that there are much more important things going on.

Hurricane Sandy took OVER last night…

photo from New York Times article
The devastation on the Jersey Shore is some of the worst we've ever seen. #Sandy
Governor Christie
6,535,896: That's the number of customers without power across 13 states and Washington D.C.#Sandy http://t.co/0aJUD1SS
CNN Breaking News
Stay in touch with loved ones during #Sandy. Register with #RedCross Safe & Well to share your status during disaster. http://t.co/83niYKjM
Red Cross NCR


It’s hard to get out and help during a natural disaster, especially for those who are far away.  But, the Red Cross makes it easy to give to help with DISASTER Relief.

CLICK HERE – to donate to the disaster relief cause on their website. 

Another way to help if you are on the East Coast (or from the East Coast) is by donating to a local Red Cross Chapter.
– In the upper right hand corner, you can change the location.
– Change this to a neighborhood on the East Coast you’d like to help.
Click ‘Donate Now’ under Your Local Red Cross Chapter on the Give Page.

How are you going to keep in touch with East Coasters during Hurricane Sandy?

This morning, I turned on the tv to see all of the coverage about Hurricane Sandy.  I got online and all of the news was about it as well.  News about how the government can use social media for emergency management, The Washington Post has a live storm blog, and there was an article about how the election is going to be affected.

Whenever I see that a hurricane is about to hit anywhere in the world, I get the same feeling that most of you probably get…. “How can I help from so far away?”

It’s tough to help at all BEFORE anything happens because you just DON’T KNOW what is going to happen, when it is going to happen, and exactly WHERE it is going to happen.

How are you going to keep in touch with East Coasters during Hurricane Sandy?

flickr photo by Johan Larsson

Social media can help us keep in touch with people we know or give us some ideas about ways that we can help.

For all of you east coasters…. I hope you have access to the Red Cross Hurricane App or redcross.org to help you in preparation, find shelter during, or find relief afterward.

There are Red Cross twitter accounts for each community as well.  Find yours now.  Here is the account for Western Pennsylvania.

I’d like to here from you as well…

How are you going to keep in touch with others?  Share your resources below and with people on the east coast!