3 things you can do NOW to inform Millennials in a split-second

The most important line that I found throughout the entire Millennial Impact Report done by Achieve was the following:

Participants in all 3 cities repeatedly said they wanted to be able to understand exactly what the organization did in a split-second.

And, I agree with that statement 100%.

Your website is there to provide information, so it shouldn’t take work or time to find out what your organization does.  That may feed into the “lazy” stereotype of millennials or it may mean that a lot of companies are doing it the wrong way.  Millennials are fed up with having to go to three different pages to find out what your mission is and what programs you have in place to make sure you are successful in furthering that mission.

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Since I don’t want YOU to have to wait more than a few minutes to understand exactly what I meant by “3 things you can do NOW to inform Millennials in a split-second” here are the three things you can do to your website IMMEDIATELY to help inform my “impatient” generation.

1) Put your mission up front.
This doesn’t mean that it has to be a neon flashing light.  Especially if your mission statement doesn’t relate what you do very well.  Let your mission statement be there, fit in aesthetically, and be noticeable with the flow of the reader’s eyes.

2) One-Click and you’re there!
After the ‘About Us’ page, we want to see how donations are being used, what volunteer opportunities are available, and what events are coming up soon.  Please, just make these one click away.  Clever titles for buttons trump “cool-looking drop down boxes” any day.  Make sure these landing pages are accessible from the home page.

3) Put a 1 minute & 30 second video on your homepage.
If you can show me that you are confident enough to tell me your organization’s story and mission in 1:30, I’ll watch. There are a lot of theories out there on video length, but the research doesn’t lie, and I’ll watch your 3 to 4 minute videos later on (if I like how you told me what you do in a minute-thirty).

Yeah, the third step may not be able to be done IMMEDIATELY, but you understand now right?  So many websites do it the wrong way, but are so VERY close to doing it the right way.

What is your favorite website that informs you in a split second??
Which organization needs a little kick in the butt? Share here and I’ll let them know!
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