Learning to Juggle a Large Plate!

No… this isn’t another post about all of the great food that was eaten over Memorial Day Weekend!  Although, there was some GREAT food being cooked along Georgetown Road on Saturday night – all you race-goers know what I’m talking about.

I set out at the start of this year to start DOING.  Not instead of learning, but doing along with learning.

So, I volunteered for a couple board committees, got the wheels moving more for Millennial Chat and am now working on a startup events business.  But, this post isn’t about what I am doing, it is about what EVERYONE can do to be able to juggle a busy plate.

Let’s face it, everyone is busy. So this is step number one.

1) Get rid of the mindset that YOU are busier than OTHERS.

Yes, you ARE busy.  But once you start thinking that you are all alone in this busy world and that YOUR world is much faster than everyone else’s, you have put yourself on an island.  Get rid of that mindset, know that everyone else is busy, and it will be much easier in your own mind to budget time.

2) Budget Time.

How do you choose how to pay your bills and spend money on things? Prioritize and budget.  Do the same with your time.  End every Friday by scoping out what needs to be done next week and prioritize them, it will make budgeting time that much easier come Monday.

3) Stop saying – “I’ll start next Monday.”

It’s so easy to fall in the trap of saying, “Oh this will be so much easier when I can start on Monday and devote a week to it.”  Well, when you say that on Tuesday or Wednesday, you are wasting the rest of the week on getting done what you set out to get done.

4) Communicate with others.

This last tip is crucial.  If you let others know when to expect to receive things from you, then you have made yourself responsible.  Stay in constant contact with people that you are working with so that they know where you stand on a certain project and can adjust their timelines accordingly.

Here’s to a GREAT kickoff to the second half of 2012!  Okay, I’m a little early, but hey – you need to start budgeting time now!
How do you continually budget your time and balance your schedule?
What tips would you add to the above.  Comment below, or tweet at me!

Offline Branding and Promotion for Your Blog

Today’s blog is a guest blog from – Diana Maria.  It is not typically what I write about, but I always promote different perspectives on using social media for social good.  So, when reading this post, think about how you can uses a sales page for your product/services that lead to the betterment of some part of society!!  Happy reading!

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on  technology. Beside this she is fond of Gadgets. Recently an article on XO-3 Tablet attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on most expensive Sport Sunglasses.

What is a sales page?

A sales page is a web page designed to generate sales. It is an online advertisement coupled with an order processing unit. A well designed web page can drastically increase the  conversion rate. Promoting your product/service on a web page requires adequate understanding of your target audience. Use of auto-response tools help to interact with the consumer.

Components of a sales page:

In order to create a strong impact on consumers, the web page must consist of the following components:

Introduction: Briefly explain the reason for the launch of a product/service. You can either  have a video introduction or complete text along with relevant pictures. However, the use of pictures or videos attracts more potential customers. You can also explain the problems that you personally faced which led to the creation of the product.

Problem Solving: Provide a detailed demonstration on what type of problems your product can solve. Also show the effects of not having the product. Make sure that the advantages are depicted clearly. Show a comparison of how things were difficult before and after the introduction of the product/service. A Sales page can also have positive reviews of existing consumers.

Scope: After providing a basic introduction to the product/service, provide a quick look on the future aspects of your product. You can also show various applications of the product. Also validate each claim that you make.

A comparison with a similar product already existing in the market, would make it easier for the customers to make a choice.

Features: Make a list of product details. These have to be very attractive. Add a ‘buy’ button at the end of every feature. Also show a detailed analysis of every feature and the benefits it has over other products in the same category. This technique will help in eliminating competition. Have an option of an ‘online brochure’. Ensure that there are at least 8-10 features and benefits displayed on the sales page. If possible, put up videos showing some special features that are not available in other products in that particular category.

Bonus and gifts: Give the consumer a reason to buy your product immediately. Free gifts, discounts and other offers on spot orders can increase the sales. The gift has to complement the product.

Customization: Every customer would like to give a personal touch to a product. Provide various modification options for the prospect to choose from. These may include colors, technical specifications, size, etc. Finally, give the booking and order details of the finished product. This will definitely boost up the sales.

Guarantee: A guarantee ensures the consumer about the quality of your product. It also shows your confidence on the product. This gives you a psychological advantage. Studies reveal that, the longer the guarantee the less likely are the chances of money-refunding. Deciding a guarantee can be difficult at times. So, just be fair and realistic.

Place an order: Make your customer feel comfortable while making a transaction. A Verisign badge on the sales page would assure the prospects of an error-free payment mode. Try to provide more payment options for the benefit of your customers.

The effectiveness of your sales page and blog will eventually depend on the deal structure and pricing of the product. Internet marketing technology can also improve your sales page.

Willie’s two cents: for all of you advocates and fundraisers out there – think about replacing the word ‘sales’ with ‘donation’ or ‘call to action’.  Setting up a web page to boost SEO and transaction is important, but make sure to tailor the page to how YOU see fit!

Mobile Technology – NFC & QR. Stay ahead of the Curve.

So, I almost hesitated in posting about this, but after seeing that the Event Manager Blog wrote about NFC back in April of 2011 I felt that we as fundraisers need to have this conversation.



SERIOUSLY?? What is with all of these acronyms? Honestly, you don’t NEED to know what they stand for, you just need to know what they ARE and what they DO.

What are QR codes and what do they do?

Hopefully by now, most of us know what QR codes are. Here is one below…


You can read this post in its entirety on the AFP-Indiana Chapter blog.  Click here to read now.