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One Week Later – 3 things I will implement from #AFPMeet

A week ago today, I was asleep.

Today, I wish I was still asleep.

Everyone could use a little more sleep, but that is a different subject.  After a week back into the swing of things, I have gotten to wrap my head around what all went down at the AFP Conference in Vancouver.

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Reading everyone’s takeaways, things they’ve learned and lessons taught got me thinking about one point that I read – getting smacked in the face with reality, and you can’t directly implement EVERYTHING you learned.  It’s tough when you learn so many great things from a ton of different people only to arrive back in a place where it’s not IMPOSSIBLE to implement but it will take a long while to do so.

Instead of burning myself out and trying to change organizational culture in a week, I have decided to pick 3 THINGS that I would be able to implement within the year.

Here are those 3 things:

1) Put my organization on Google+.
Credit this to Marc Pittman, and his Beyond the Basics education session on the very first day!  Using Google+ to train the search engine to increase your chances at being in the top 5 search terms can be very beneficial, especially for an organization whose majority of website visits comes from search engines.

2) Create good content and ASK.
A tough thing for nonprofits is getting stories picked up by the media, having corporate parties become a fundraiser, or getting a video to go viral.  Scott Harrison from charity:water showed us ALL that by creating good content and not being afraid to put it out there and ask people to show it, we can actually see our stories in the media and out in the community. (And don’t forget about getting good at video).

3) Keep in touch.
It is SO EASY at any conference to be really excited to meet new people.  And, I touched on this in my post before going to the conference.  Keeping in touch with the people that you exchanged business cards with TAKES ACTION.  You can’t just sit back and hope the the other person will contact you.  Just because the person my be from a different part of the world, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the same amount of excitement to keep in touch with them as you did when you initially met them.

#AFPmeet was great.  I learned a ton that was not listed here, and maybe I will end up somewhere someday that other lessons learned will fit within that organization.  But, continually learning lessons from others who attended, wrote blog posts or have thoughts in the future is what I can do now.

What did you learn and will implement from the AFP Conference?
How will you keep in touch?
Comment below.. or tweet me – @Willie_Matis

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