Managing your Work, Time and Energy While Still Having a Life – Karen Osborne at #AFPMEET


And she just asked us to take out a clean sheet of paper.  What?!?

Karen Osborne, within the first 5 minutes, had everyone hooked.  Work/Life blanace is something that EVERYONE struggles with.  We all want to be successful, we all want to be there for our families, and we ALL want and know that we need to take care of OURSELVES.

I think the best way to sum up Karen’s talk is by giving her great quotes as takeaways:

“You can work 24/7/365 and never ever ever be done with everything.  And what stinks, success breeds more work.”

“We can NOT multitask” (Sorry, Karen, I am live blogging this as you are talking. Oops!)

“Your [bio]rythms matter in this”

“Open door policy does not mean that others people’s problems are more important than yours”

“Everyone should have 3-5 priority buckets (a maximum of 5)”

Online Tools – Rescue Time, iDoneThis, TallyZoo, Simpleology, HeartMath, GravityEight.

“The average worker wastes 2.5 hours a week looking for documents.”

“Do you know how to say NO?”

“Don’t OVER PROMISE and under deliver.”

“Yes. No. Yes. Yes I understand why that is important.  No, I can’t get that done right now. Yes we can definitely talk about it sometime down the road.”

“What areas of life balance are missing for you?  How important is that area to you?”

“Brainstorm and Share solutions.”

I like this last quote the best.  When you identify what your biggest problem with work/life balance is, then present that problem to a friend and have them give you as many ideas as possible to help with that problem.  Find the solution that will have the highest impact but will be the easiest to do.

“It is okay to say, ‘I need to think about that’.”

Karen’s talk was AWESOME. I feel like we, as professionals, can never get enough tips on how to manage time.  Managing your time is very important.

Have any questions about what I heard from Karen about managing your time?  Comment below or tweet at me – @Willie_Matis.

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