Marc Pitman at #AFPMEET – Beyond the Basics: Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Tips for Nonprofits

So my first few days here in Vancouver were spent taking in the town.  And it can be summed up in one word…


Vancouver is a great place.  If you are looking for somewhere different, then I suggest coming here to spend a good 3-4 days.  My first full day was spent searching the west part of the city.  The second day, Nathan Hand got here, and we explored the southern part.  Capped off by a SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME win by the Vancouver Canucks!  It. Was. AWESOME!

And now it is time to learn…

Session #1 – Beyond the Basics: Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Tips for Nonprofits by Marc A. Pitman.

Everyone in the group here uses Facebook and Twitter… and a few of us are “ON” Google+.  I was weary about coming to a social media session because sometimes (and Marc said it best).. even some of the advanced social media sessions revert to a remedial session.

Marc did a fantastic job of asking US what we want out of the session.  And then he got to it…

10 Takeaways from this session

1) You will get most of your donations from email.  Email is still social media.  Email is where action actually happens.  Email raises more money than any other social media site.  Twitter raises the most money between Facebook, Twitter and G+.  With email you can put a more in depth call to action.

2) Social media is only one part of your marketing & fundraising.

3) Be consistent & Be playful.  The entire reason for having marketing & fundraising is to be recognized.  Stay consistent with your messages no matter what platform yo uare on.  But, but playful and feel free to experiment with different tone/voice.

4) A small little tidbit shared by Marc.  Do you have an ethical bribe for people to join your email lists?  Offer something of value so that people will want to sign up for your email.  It doesn’t have to be money, just offer something that people will want.  (For example, Marc will give you his slides and a book if you join his.)

5) FACEBOOK TIMELINE!!  The cover photo – make it 851 pixels by 315 pixels.  Your profile picture – 180×180.  Tab photos – 110×74.  A bonus – STATIC HTML (search for the app, do it).  Seriously… do it.

6) Encourage your staff to like your posts and comment on your posts.  Just make it be an internal email.  Don’t mandate it, but allow people to get on Facebook in a sanctioned way during the work day and simply ask them to share your recent post.  Then… sit back and watch your posts be put into more News Feeds.

7) To give a dog a pill, you have to do what? Wrap the pill in bacon.  Fundraising is the pill you are trying to give.  Social media is the bacon.

8.) Twitter lists.  Use them for your donors.  It will help yo uinteract with them online.  We need to treat our donors like people.  Not ATMs.

9) Google + is affecting your SEO.  Even if you aren’t actively using it.  Your G+ updates come up in Google searches.  And Google promotes you for certain searches.  Posting pictures on G+? THOSE show up in a Google search too.

10) – it helps dress up your Google+ page.

I can’t wait to get Marc’s slideshow from this session.  He had so many nuggets of information that will help nonprofits to better engage online.  Recognizing that social media is just part of your marketing & fundraising approach is crucial to remember.

Got any questions about Marc’s session?  Comment below or tweet at me – @Willie_Matis.  Or just ask Marc – @marcapitman.

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