The 3 Best Things about #Slacktivism

Last week, Stacy McCoy and I had a pretty intense debate about slacktivism. I like slacktivism. Stacy doesn’t.  You can read and catch up real quick if you want!

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Since that debate happened, I have been reading other articles about how others feel about slacktivism. You can read a few here, here, here and here.  Hey! Even NTEN had a webinar on how to move your activists from online to offline!

Slacktivism is a hot topic now because of Kony 2012 (which if you don’t know about the #Kony2012 campaign, then you probably aren’t reading this post right now either).  So to further support my point on why I LIKE slacktivism, here are the 3 best things about slacktivism – form other people’s words –

1. You can reach a lot more people, faster, through viral campaigns.

2. Slacktivism is totally fine, if you look at it as the first rung of the engagement ladder.

3. Exposing more people to something new and giving them opportunities to act.

Duane on the Ladder
flickr photo by thisreidwrites

The point I want to stress most is making sure that slacktivism is your cause’s or organization’s FIRST rung of engagement.  If you are satisfied with a video that has gone viral then you are kidding yourself.  You are allowed to be pleased, but you should not be satisfied until you get a few of your slacktivist to turn into activists.

As organizations begin to ramp up their social media efforts, slacktivism should be looked at as a GOOD thing.  And in my head, I look at it using simple math…..

Without social media —

With social media —

More awareness spread = Greater possibility of reaching the activists that will actually ENGAGE!

What do you think?

Am I warming you up to slacktivism?
Or, do you still think those 3 points are just not worth the effort?

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