Over 2012 more trees in Indianapolis because of Super Bowl XLVI

In yesterday’s post, I spoke about how cool it is to learn something new about your community because of it becoming a Super Bowl Host City.

Today I learned something new about trees…

Tree - IMG_1242
flickr photo by Nicola since 1972

More trees = Less crime.

Yes, you read that right… if there are more trees around there is less crime.  You can read about why from the experts who did the research.

I am just a guy who thinksyeah, I can see that.. trees in a courtyard make you seem a little more cheery…

if you look out the window and see asphalt and grey when you are trying to make a tough decision in life you may get a little more pissed…

walking out of your apartment building in the morning and hearing birds because of greenery around might just be the thing that sets up you for a good day.  (Okay, that’s enough of MY logic).

You’re welcome for that little nugget that you SHOULD share with someone today. Here is how the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee made sure Indianapolis’ Near Eastside got 2,012 trees by Super Bowl XLVI.

2,012 trees by 2012 Initiative.

The Host Committee partnered with Keep Indianapolis Beautiful and the John H. Boner Center to make sure that 2,012 trees got planted in the urban areas of the Near Eastside.  They even provided some more information about the greatness of trees being around…

  • 60% reduction in street level particulates
  • Shade trees in the right areas can save $$$$$$
  • Mental fatigue is BETTER with exposure to trees
  • Property value goes up by 20% with the presence of a mature tree

Have you always wanted to have a greener household?

Since Super Bowl 46 is only a week and a half away, the 2,012 trees initiative is close to ending, but don’t worry because 2,876 TREES WERE PLANTED. More than expected!

What can you still do? Join the Super Bowl’s 1st & Green Initiative.  First designed as a challenge, you can still sign up to do your part to help the environment.  Anyone, anywhere! You don’t have to be local.

Check it out, sign up, and even if you don’t keep track you will start thinking greener from the pre-survey!  You can keep track of everyday activities that will save carbon and water emissions.

Want advice on how to be more green? Follow 1st & Green on Twitter (@1standgreen) and LIKE them on Facebook.

Super Bowl Host Committee Website
1st & Green Environmental Challenge Website
Alliance for Community Trees Website

INDY SUPER CURE: The world’s ONLY breast tissue bank resides in Indianapolis

You get a certain sense of pride for your city when it becomes a Super Bowl Host City.  But, when you learn more about the city because of this fact, you become even more proud!

Did you know that Indianapolis is home to the only repository in the world for normal breast tissue?

I did not.  The Komen Tissue Bank at IU Simon Cancer Center is helping to advance research of breast cancer by providing normal breast tissue to scientist throughout the world.

And as a way to support The Komen Tissue Bank, the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee created the event – the Indy Super Cure.  Through this event, the Host Committee wished to achieve three things:

  • Raise Awareness about The Komen Tissue Bank
  • Increase the diversity of tissue donors
  • Fundraise for The Komen Tissue Bank to help advance breast cancer research

Now, all spots are taken for the Indy Super Cure tissue collection event happening this weekend.  Which is GREAT news for The Komen Tissue Bank, but it is kind of awful news for those who didn’t know about it.

Don’t worry! There are more opportunities to donate tissue….

Click here to make an appointment or check out when the next tissue collection event will take place in Indianapolis.  Looking to volunteer? All spots for volunteers at this weekend’s event are also taken up, but click here to see more ways to get involved.

Two ways to get involved… NOW!

1) Text “CURE” to 27722 to donate $10 to the Komen Tissue Bank or click here to contribute a different amount.

2) Share this video below by clicking one of these icons –


Super Bowl Host Committee website
The Komen Tissue Bank at IU Simon Cancer Center website

What have you learned about the city of Indianapolis when reading more about Super Bowl 46?
How do you think we can make a greater impact on the city AFTER the Super Bowl is over?
Comment below, discuss on Facebook or tweet me your thoughts!

Super Bowl XLVI: Most Socially Connected Super Bowl.. can we do the most for social good?

Biggest headline for Super Bowl 46?  It might be….

Brady v. Manning in Indy!
(Eli that is…)

The stage is set! Two great Championship games brought arguably the two best teams for advertisers, Fox execs, and Indiana business.

New York and New England boast great city size and fan loyalty who travel with the best of them.  I can’t stop thinking of how impressed I was to hear all of the “CRUUUUUUUUUZ” cheers during the Giants/49ers game…. in San Francisco!

So the game is going to be great, Indianapolis is going to be buzzing, and I’m sure we will see plenty of t-shirts and pictures dissing Brady and cheering Manning (whether it be Peyton or Eli).

Insert Captions... instant t-shirt!

But what I am excited to see is how social media will be buzzing!  I am lucky to be a part of the Social 46 team.  A group of great Indiana people who are influential in the online world that will serve as ambassadors for the city and the state through social media wires.

I consider myself lucky because a lot of members in the group have been doing this a lot longer than I have, and many of them have mentored me – directly and indirectly – on how to best use the tools out there.

#Social46 for #SocialGood

The goal of #Social46 is to present Indianapolis as a great host city, a group of welcoming and warm residents, and a place not to be overlooked.

In the past 30 years, when Indianapolis has hosted sporting events, I think we have shown that is about much more than just the game.
– Mark Miles, President of Super Bowl Host Committee.

Mark Miles and the whole Host Committee have speared the way to make sure that hosting the Super Bowl follows this exact precedent.  Learn more about the Super Bowl Legacy Project and other projects such as Super Cure, Super Baskets of Hope, and more.

Social media can spark social change and inspire social good, and this is what I hope can be my contribution to the #Social46 group.  Advocating for all of the SUPER causes that are housed in our great city and finding what causes inspire our visitors will be a blast to do while walking around the Super Bowl Village!

See ya in the Village!

My answer to the meme: How am I going to change the world in 2012?


Okay when I first wrote that word, I was thinking ‘getting the job done’ and ‘doing my work’. Then, I started thinking about the word a little.. “Hopefully no one thinks I am going to try and execute anyone to change the world in 2012!”

So, I just want to clarify….
Execution (as in doing my job and completing tasks).

Last year was an AWESOME year!  My first full calendar year of work.  The year 2011 for me was full of learning, experimenting, learning from my experimenting, and then experimenting again.  And, I learned a TON!  From the things that I am passionate about, the importance of social media in advocacy, to smaller things such as the best ways to network.

World Literacy by Country
flickr photo by Digital Dreams

In response to a call out by Lowell Aplebaum that stemmed from Maddie Grant’s post which was inspired by Craig Newmark’s mention of 16 people and organizations changing the world in 2012.

Changing the world in 2012…. for me?
Application of lessons and knowledge that I have learned the past year and a half and even before then.  I will keep learning about social media, social change and how the two fit together.  But 2012 is calling for direct action and execution from me.  Action through collaboration, volunteering, and working.

Making personal and professional deadlines, holding myself to them and executing to the best of my ability.  Realizing what I can and can not do for organizations and causes is key.

Here’s to a good 2012 that lasts longer than the Mayans predicted….

How are YOU going to change the world in 2012?

Do you have a good reminder system? Tweet now. Post later. Draft again.

To-do lists. Whiteboards. Calendars. Text alerts. Online schedules. Sticky notes. Backs of hands. Friends. Strings around Fingers. Alarms.

The list goes on for days.  We all want to make sure that we DO NOT forget.  I was chatting with a friend last night who just purchased their very first DAY PLANNER!

I am not calling him out or saying that not having a day planner is a bad thing.  He just had a different system in place before, when he wasn’t as busy as he is now.  (But I will point out he does has an Ipad but doesn’t want to use the calendar.. weird guy Ace! You’re a weird guy).

Find out what works….

Personally, I have a to-do list for the week so that I can mark things off.  I keep my appointments and meetings in my Outlook calendar (that is linked to my phone) so that I can scan the month ahead.  And I, too, have a day planner so that I can schedule out what needs to be done by a certain time in the day.

Make sure you stick to it…

Why create an alert or a deadline if you aren’t going to stick to it?  I am guilty of this sometimes, and I think I gave myself a new 2012 resolution just now.  If you want to finish a task in a certain amount of time.  THEN DO IT!

Be flexible (but schedule out flexibility)…

Is that possible? Doesn’t flexibility mean having a lesser amount of things scheduled out?
We live in a a results RIGHT NOW world.  We are all in touch with A TON of different groups at all times, who all want answers instantly.  Our primary nine-to-five, volunteer committees and boards, time that needs to be spent with friends and families and HEY! don’t forget to email that connection back to confirm a coffee time because she will be an excellent contact.

Schedule out your tasks to give yourself a realistic amount of time to get them done.  This is one thing that I have learned through my year and a half spent social networking, advocating, planning events and getting everyday work done.  I have MANY to do lists with more things uncrossed than crossed.  Make TWO things on your to-do list priorities for the day.  If those two things get done, then you will be happy.  If you get done with them early, then you can add another.  Making a schedule is important, but making your schedule realistic is even MORE important.

How do you remind yourself to not forget?
Is your office filled with sticky notes?
Do you have a pen that is designated for the palm of you hand?
I hope to make a list of good time management strategies for advocates and social media peeps, anything shared is appreciated!

Three things worth advocating for in 2012

A New Beginning
flickr photo by Shermeee

The turn of the year has brought new ideas, new goals and cold weather.

New ideas and new goals can mean that you realize you either need to broaden your scope to include more opportunities or narrow your scope because you have tested the waters and recognize what is most important to you.

And, when planning for the future, we all kind of do a little bit of both!  So if you are an advocate and are looking for something specific to advocate about here are three causes to consider:

1. Community Health Centers

Community health centers (CHCs), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) or CHC Look-a-likes all fall into this category, but here is what they do.  Increase access to health care, provide for underserved areas and save communities money.  Health centers serve more than 23 million Americans, provide 25% of all primary care to low-income citizens, and generate $24 billion in annual savings for our country (numbers taken from NACHC).  Learn more about this cause by visiting saveourchcs.org or signing up to be a health center advocate.

2. Homeless Organizations

There are over 600,000 people who experience homelessness on any given night in the United States, and of that number almost 240,000 of those individuals are part of a family experiencing homelessness (numbers from NAEH).  It seems that preventing homelessness is something that everyone knows SHOULD be a priority, but it takes advocates everywhere to make sure proper legislation is in the forefront of our representatives’ minds.  Learn more about what you can do to help by visiting the National Alliance to End Homelessness website.


It is hard to advocate for others, when you are in a situation that does not allow you to do so effectively.  Advocating for yourself means communication with loved ones, your employer and others.  Communication is hard sometimes because of fear that your plan may not coincide with the plans of someone you care about, but only with communication is compromise possible!  Keep those communication lines open and advocating will be that much easier!

Here’s to a great 2012!