Using Improv for Professional Development and Networking

I have spoken about social media and networking before, but when you are typing something out you get a good amount of time to think about what you say.  Now when it comes down to it, the best networking is face-to-face, in person without computer screens.

When someone asks you a question at a networking event, over coffee or if you are trying to answer questions in an interview, then you don’t really have all the time in the world to answer.  Those people, whether directly or indirectly, are trying to see: 1) how much you know 2) if you can express what you know 3) how well you think on your toes.

Now, you want to get better at thinking quickly on your toes!

So…. you have two options!

#1 – Watch this video, learn how to play charades, and play with friends, family or coworkers to get a little better at improv


#2 – You can attend The Scene‘s event – Risk And Play: Professional Development Like You Have Never Experienced

The Scene is a young professional group for The Center of Performing Arts in Carmel, IN.  And, their event is now being offered at a special price of $15 if you purchase today or tomorrow.  The event takes place at The Palladium, on stage and personal, it looks to be a great event from 3pm – 6pm on Thursday, December 15.  Be there or be square!  You get a chance to attend an event that will give you some professional development through the fun of improv and then you get to utilize your new quick thinking skills during a cocktail hour afterward! [And oh yeah, use some social media for networking beforehand!]

What do you do to regularly practice at thinking quickly?
Are you going to go to the event?
Comment below! Or tweet me, Facebook me, or G+ me!