The Social Networker: Online & Offline Techniques to Better Networking

A little over a year and a half after graduating college… I have a little over a year and a half of work experience.

I am VERY fortunate to have this work experience.  So many other millennials are struggling with a poor job market, starting to have to pay back student loans, and continually looking to begin their career path.  A lot of the time, this situation comes with lack of time and lack of funds to spend on networking, meeting others, and searching for jobs.

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Not only am I fortunate to have this work experience, but I am also fortunate enough to have an employer that encourages networking.  This has led to my learning to use my time wisely and use tools to make me more efficient at making the right contacts not just A LOT of contacts.

The following blog series will focus on some of the tools & techniques to make sure you are using your time and money efficiently. Posts include the following:

  • Getting the introduction
  • Going beyond that networking event
  • Ask for advice, get a job.. Ask for a job, get advice!
  • Follow-up: Why is the simple step so hard?

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Today is National Mobilization Day! 3 ways you can get involved

NACHC has declared today – National Mobilization Day for Health Center Advocates!

Advocates everywhere will be calling in to their members of Congress to let them know the importance of health centers to their communities.

Showing the strength of community health centers by the number of people calling in gets noticed, and not just by the FEW members of Congress that you call yourself.  Everyone is calling SOMEONE in office, and I am 95% sure those members of the Senate and the House talk to each other (that other 5% is doubt because of the way business has been run there lately).

But, my point was – the members of Congress talk with each other about the volume of calls they receiveThe health center story will be heard.

Okay, so it is a National “Call-In” Mobilization Day – how can there be THREE ways to get involved?

  1. You’re right, it IS call-in day.  So CALL IN – use this number 1-866-456-3949 and you will be automatically connected to YOUR specific members of Congress.  Stay on the line after you are done with one and you will be connected to the next.

    Tell them: “Do not undermine the successful Health Centers program as you negotiate Medicaid changes and cuts to the federal budget. The health and lives of our families and our neighbors should not be negotiated away. I am counting on your support for my Health Center.”

  2. Mobilization day is about numbers.  So SHARE – let your other advocate friends know about today, post on your Facebook wall that you made the call, or invite your friends on Twitter to do so.  The more voices heard, giving the same message, the better.

    Post this: “I just called in to my members of Congress to let them know I care!  We need to go beyond the vote and voice our opinions to Washington.”

  3. Follow up.  So TWEET OR FACEBOOK– find your members of Congress on Twitter and Facebook, post on their wall, or @reply them on Twitter.  Social media is taken seriously.  If it wasn’t taken seriously, then we wouldn’t be seeing our members of Congress there.Here are a few examples of what I will be tweeting today (feel free to copy + paste):
    @SenDanCoats please don’t undermine the success of health centers when negotiating Medicaid changes in the budget! Lives are counting on it
    @senatorlugar TY for your continued support of hlth cntrs! Pls keep our patients in mind when chatting w other members abt Medicaid changes!

    @RepHensarling don’t undermine the proven success of Health Centers when you negotiate Medicaid changes in the budget.. Lives depend on it!

Mobilization Day is a great way to voice our opinions BEFORE election day.  Members of Congress take voters’ concerns seriously, and if we come in numbers then they will listen.

And, this mobilization effort is not exclusive to community health center advocates.  The National Alliance to End Homelessness issued the need to contact the Super Committee members to prevent further cuts in discretionary spending for affordable housing and targeted homelessness programs.

How are you going to go beyond the call today?
What other causes will you advocate for during Call-In Day?
Comment below! I would love to discuss further.

4 reasons you need to treat #millennials differently on social media

Trust.Trust. Trust. And trust.

No matter what your product, service, or mission, millennials want to trust that you are handling business in a good way.  I can tell you first-hand, if your organization is not on social media, you have already dug yourself into a hole.

Generations before ours could trust a business as long as they had a good and successful track record.  Things have changed, we need to know how you are working inside and out.  Not because we like to creep, not because we are less trusting than generations before, it is because it is now POSSIBLE to get that inside information easily through  various social media.

flickr photo by DrewbieDoo

So, since my first list wasn’t really a list… here are 4 ways to build trust with the #millennial generation through social media:

1. Building trust through Twitter– show your personality, reach out to followers, and give never before seen facts and insight into the daily ongoings of your organization.  Don’t broadcast! Product ads and upcoming events are important, but give us millennials the details.  Reach out and ask how someone would handle a situation that just arose in the planning of an event or product innovation.

2. Building trust through Facebook– pictures!  I need to see that your team is at a round table strategic planning meeting.  I need to see the happy family that just benefited from your campaign. Don’t just update your status! I can get that from Twitter… Facebook is visual.

3. Building trust through blogging– this is where I want to hear from your head honcho!  Give me some profound insight from your CEO, your CFO, or any other Senior Admin team.  A blog is a good way to further explain that tweet I favorited a couple days ago.  Don’t keep boasting about yourself though! Let me know what you have been doing in the community or boast about your corporate charity.

4. Building trust through YouTube– yes I need some face time, but I need to this face time with your consumers or employees.  Don’t give me speeches of your CEO at different events! I will gain trust that you actually affected someone’s life for the better if I hear it from them.  I will gain trust in your organization if I can see that you treat your employees well enough that they are willing to speak on behalf of everyone in their department.

Are you a #millennial?  What would you tell an organization if they sought out your advice on how to use social media?
What are some things that cause distrust in an organization?