Boosting Advocacy through Social Media – A Refocused Approach

Since Monday I have been following Rosetta Thurman‘s — 31 Days to Build a Better Blog — and I have already seen an improvement.

Steps I have taken so far this week:

  1. Began self-hosting my blog with – fast, easy, and CHEAP (setup my 2 year subscription for in 5 minutes).
  2. Added Google Analytics to my WordPress blog – I used the Google Analytics plugin from Joost De Valk.
  3. Updated my About Page so that all of you readers can have better information about me and why I am writing.
  4. I have written a list post before (5 ways to help Military Families) so I skipped that for the time-being.
  5. Today, leaving comments on three blogs to produce positive karma!

This first week has really helped me to focus my writing and will help shape my posts and make writing easier in the future.

When I began my blog, I knew what I wanted to write about but did not have a goal or end in sight.  After this week of following Rosetta’s lead along with starting a new book Getting Organized in the Google Era by Douglas C. Merrill & James A. Martin, I have come to better understand myself and my blog!


So what does this have to do with advocacy?

To those of you who took some time to look at my About Page quickly, you probably noticed that my writing is NOT going to be about best practices for social media or the latest social media tools or how to better your own blog.

My passion lies with advocacy for social change in the Indianapolis community!  So why am I writing on refocusing my blog?

Because understanding my focus will help to create more conversation.  Especially step #5 above!  Starting some positive karma of commenting on other blog posts.  Information is needed to create more advocacy and better advocacy.

Understanding your own passion and refocusing your opinions helps further discussion!! So let’s do it!!


Have you recently refocused your blog?
How do you advocate for change in your community?

Comment below, email me, or tweet me! @Willie_Matis


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FQHC & Homelessness Advocate. Coach. Bartender. I am always learning something new ABOUT social media, and I am always learning something new while I am ON social media. Life is busy, but I still make time to write about the topics I am passionate about. My passions aim at ending homelessness and increasing health care access to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured residents of Indianapolis. My posts touch on a lot of different subjects ranging from the use of social media in advocacy, to the obstacles facing those who need better access to care, and to current events in Indianapolis! I am a millennial who is likes to blog about millennial engagement in advocacy movements, social change, and non-profits. Continually learning about social media, this blog site helps me to sort through my thoughts and discuss with others who have gone through or are just now going through the same experiences as I am.

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